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Welding electrodes machinery and manufacturing plants in india


Welding is a process of fabrication method that joins metals and thermoplastics. The principle of the welding process is melting the parts with a high amount of heat and cooling this enhances the metal parts to stick together by fusion. There were four types of welding which include:-

Gas Arc Metal Welding -This type of welding is done by Metal Inert Gas. This is the most common type of welding performed in various sectors. Many new Welders use this type of welding to stick two metals.

TIG Welding -This type of welding is only performed by experienced welders. The electrodes in this type of welding process are made up of Tungsten.

Stick Welding -This Type of welding is performed for sticking two metals. This is a very easy process as many welders prefer this type of welding. It is a low-cost process and efficient too.

Flux Cored – This type of welding is performed by a wire that has a core of flux that creates a gas shield around the weld. Flux-cored welding is used to stick two heavy and Thicker metals.


Welding electrodes machinery and manufacturing plants in india

Welding Electrodes are a piece of wires, which are connected to the Welding Machine and help to bring out the electric arc. The current passes through these wires, due to the heat produced in this process makes the electrode to get melt and fuse, this is how it can produce the electric arc. These welding electrodes are mostly made up of Tungsten. Tungsten particles have a high melting point which helps the electrode to hold the high amount of current supply and helps it to produce the electric arc.

Welding electrodes are the base to perform welding. As it is connected to the welding machines and acts as a base to bring outs the electric arc.


A welding electrode is made from two components which include true metal and the flux coating. Different types of alloys are used for the production of welding electrodes such as mild- steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium steel, and Bronze. The most common steel used for the welding electrodes is stainless steel.


The welding electrodes manufacturing process consists of Wire straightening, cutting machines, Mixers, Briquetting press, extruder, wire feeder, conveyor, and Baking Oven.

Wire Drawing Machine – In these machines wire rods are drawn into required sizes such as 2.5 mm, 3.2 mm, 4.00 mm, and 5.00 mm

Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine  – This machine is used to cut the wire to the required length. The length of the wire rod cutting process is accurately maintained.

Dry Mixer – The powders which constitute the flux are mixed in the mixer so that constituents are blended into a homogenous batch.

Wet Mixer – In this mixer the dry mixed flux and binding agents such as Potassium or sodium silicate in measured quantity or mixed and kneaded to get a wet paste.

Briquetting Press – In this machine the paste obtained from the wet mixture is compressed and made into a cylindrical cake-like structure.

Wire Feeder – This machine is used to set and reset with ease for different diameters and lengths of Electrodes. The speed used in the wire feeding machines varies according to the types of electrodes produced.

Extruder – The pieces of wire obtained from the wire feeder pass through the Die block and get the coating to die. The hydraulic pressure in the extruder machine gives a compress of pressure to the wires and gives a bare coating to the wire.

Conveyor – Conveyor machines perform various operations to the machines such as spacing the electrodes apart, Aligning the electrodes, Brushing the holder ends, and grinding the arc striking ends.

Then the wires obtained after completing the process are then moved to the Baking oven and Decoating Machine to give their final layer and coating.


Welding Electrodes are a piece of wires, which are connected to the Welding Machine and help to bring out the electric arc. The Various types of welding electrodes used in the welding machines are:-

*Bare electrodes
*Light Coated electrodes
*Shielded Arc or Heavy Coated Electrodes.
*Tungsten Electrodes.
*Direct Current Arc Welding Electrodes.
*Alternating Current Arc Welding Electrodes


There were many small-scale industries in India producing welding electrodes. In Tamilnadu places like Ambattur located in Chennai, Coimbatore is acting as a major production unit for welding Electrodes. Top Welding Manufacturing plants in India include:-

Logos Weld Products – Located in Coimbatore.

Marshall Welding Electrodes- Located in Kundrathur, Chennai.

TIME Welding Electrodes and Engineering- Located in Ahmedabad.

D And H Limited- Located in Raipur, Chattisgarh.

Weld fast Electrodes Pvt. Ltd- Located in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Omega Weldrod Systems- Located in Neelambur.

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