Since 1994, Logos Weld Products, a renowned Indian company, has excelled as a leading manufacturer and exporter of welding electrodes and associated Machinery Manufacturers in Coimbatore. With a solid customer base spanning India and several other nations, we have swiftly emerged as the foremost supplier of welding electrode plants, securing our position as the market leader in this industry.
This Logos Weld product has been built on a foundation of trust and faith in our clients and the proven reliability of our equipment paired with highly skilled and educated staff one of India’s top Welding electrode plant manufacturers. We are delighted with our team and the superiority of our modern, state-of-the-art design, installation, and continuous services to our faithful customers.

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Quality Policy

Logos Weld Products aims to delight our customers with top-quality products and prompt delivery of welding electrodes and machine manufacturing. We have earned ourselves a reputation as Welding electrode machine suppliers in India and have since grown to become the leading market player in the sector. We will achieve our goals by forming a highly dedicated, reliable, highly skilled, and educated staff. We will continue upgrading their skills by working with the latest equipment, advancing technologies, implementing safety measures, and working in a safe and secure setting. Comply with all applicable lawful and regulatory requirements and continuously enhance the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

The management process we use is organized and layered, taking into account the context of the business and the requirements of all parties’ processes, risk, and internal and external risk mitigation.

Service & Maintenance.

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Our company’s technical director manages six employees available to help our customers. Our engineers will get to you whenever possible with a phone call or via email.

Mission & Values

Make the most efficient product, avoid causing damage, and let businesses aid in solving the environmental issue.

Innovation & Development

Much emphasis is placed on reliability, welding capabilities, the best equipment, and simple control throughout the design and construction of new equipment.

Business Code

We strive to achieve the highest standards and reliability of our equipment. We can provide a fast and reliable supply of machines, services, sales support, and guidance.

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