Raw Material for Electrode

welding electore raw material - Fluxes

We specialize in manufacturing and exporting dry mixed welding electrode flux for various electrodes, including Mild Steel, Low Hydrogen, Stainless Steel, and hard-facing types. Our dedicated team of experts meticulously sources top-quality raw materials, subjecting them to rigorous lab testing to ensure they meet the required specifications. Once approved, these materials are blended in a homogeneous mixer and securely packed into 50kg airtight bags, creating fluxes ready for immediate use. Every batch undergoes a final inspection in our lab, generating comprehensive inspection reports. Additionally, upon request, we provide international lab reports for our fluxes. Our commitment to excellence extends from Welding Electrodes Machinery and Equipment to being a trusted Welding Electrode Powder Supplier and Welding electrode flux manufacturer exporter.

The fluxes is ready to use and every batch we have a final inspection report from the lab. On request we can give international Lab reports for the fluxes.

READY MIXED FLUXESE-601350Kg Bags in required colors
READY MIXED FLUXESE-701850Kg Bags in white or gray colors.
READY MIXED FLUXESE-601050Kg Bags in white or Red colors.
READY MIXED FLUXESAll S.S Series50Kg Bags in required colors.
READY MIXED FLUXESHARD FACE Series50Kg Bags in required colors.
READY MIXED FLUXESCUTTING & GOUGING50Kg Bags in required colors.
READY MIXED FLUXESCAST IRON Series50Kg Bags in Black colors.