Raw Material for Electrode

welding electore raw material - Fluxes

We manufacture dry mixed welding electrode flux manufacturer exporter for Mild Steel electrodes, Low hydrogen electrodes, stainless steel electrodes and Hard facing electrodes. The experts of a good team procure the best raw materials and test in our lab for the required specification. After the approval from Lab, raw materials are mixed in a homogeneous mixer and packed in 50Kgs air tight bags.

The fluxes is ready to use and every batch we have a final inspection report from the lab. On request we can give international Lab reports for the fluxes.

READY MIXED FLUXESE-601350Kg Bags in required colors
READY MIXED FLUXESE-701850Kg Bags in white or gray colors.
READY MIXED FLUXESE-601050Kg Bags in white or Red colors.
READY MIXED FLUXESAll S.S Series50Kg Bags in required colors.
READY MIXED FLUXESHARD FACE Series50Kg Bags in required colors.
READY MIXED FLUXESCUTTING & GOUGING50Kg Bags in required colors.
READY MIXED FLUXESCAST IRON Series50Kg Bags in Black colors.