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Manufacturing process of welding electrode


Welding Electrodes are piece of wires , which is connected to the Welding Machine and helps to bring out the electric arc. The current pass through these wires, due to the heat produced in this process makes the electrode to get melt and fuse , this is how it able to produce the electric arc. These welding electrodes are mostly made up of Tungsten. Tungsten particles has high melting point which helps the electrode to hold the high amount of current supply and helps it to produce the electric arc.

There are two types of electrodes used in the welding machine which includes consumable and Non consumable. Where consumable electrodes starts of to melt during the melting process and it becomes bond to the welded part. Whereas, non consumable electrodes wont melt and it is a separate filter material.

The electrodes that were used for MIG and Stick Weldings are the best examples of Consumable types of electrodes. The TIG Welding are the best examples of Non- Cosumable types of electrodes , These type of electrodes are produced by Tungsten.


The Types of consumable electrodes includes:-

Light coated electrodes – These Types of electrodes has a thin layer of coating on their Surface. This layer is produced by the method of Brushing and Spraying.

Bare electrodes – These types of electrodes basically has a limited applications. This type of electrodes are mainly used to weld Manganese steel.

Shield arc electrodes – These type of electrodes produce a protective gas like layers which helps as an effective barrier to shield the hot weld zone from contamination.

Manufacturing process of welding electrode


The electrodes that wont melt are known as non consumable electrodes. The different types of non consumable electrodes includes:-

Carbon electrodes -This types of electrodes are basically used for cutting and welding. This electrodes are made up of graphite particles.

Tungsten Electrodes – This type of electrodes are used for TIG welding and made up of Tungsten.

There are different types of diameters of Welding electrodes. This is based on the thickness of electric arc produced by the Welding Electrode. The various diameters if welding electrodes includes 6010, 6013 ,7018 and 7024.These welding rod ranges almost 300 Rupees across our country.


There were many sizes of welding electrodes are produced in many industries according to the uses in welding machines. The most common sizes of welding electrodes includes 2.4 mm, 3.2 mm and 4 mm. There were few more types of sizes but most often these three sizes were widely used.


Welding electrodes are used to produce the electric arc from the welding machine. The uses of welding arc changes according to their types.

6011- This Types of welding electrodes are used to alternate the current.

6012- This Types of electrodes are used for the general purposes of the welding machines.

6013- This type of electrodes are used for moderate penetration welding.

7018- This type of Welding electrodes are used for low to moderate carbon steel welding.


The properties of welding electrodes differs based on their types and the raw materials that have been used to produce. Basic properties of welding electrodes includes:-

Corrosion Resistance – Welding electrodes are basically forms a coat and bonded to the welding part so these electrodes acts as an non corrosive product.

Utility – Welding Electrodes are basically a solid particle and hence it wont ductile.

Lightweight – The electrodes are basically weightless compared to other welding products. The normal weight of an 4.00×450 mm of welding electrodes ranges almost 19 kgs.


The process of manufacturing a welding electrode is an complex process it consists of several stages which includes wire drawing, coating , cutting and Pressing.

The first set up of the process includes setting up a plant based on the need. The plant includes various topics such as Factory Design, Power Requirements, Machine Needed, Plant layout and Man power.

The second set up of the process includes Reviewing production standards. Welding Electrode Standard code is E308L-15.

The third set up of the manufacturing process is reviewing formulation and  specifications if a welding electrode. Each type of welding electrodes has its own production formula and specifications. This should be first identified by the production unit for producing a perfect welding electrode.

Fourth process of this process includes preparation of raw materials based on the electrodes specifications. This process is collecting the raw materials such as wires, powder for producing electrodes around the world. Based on the quantity and the production of a unit the amount of raw materials differs.

Next process includes quality checking of the raw materials which has been collected for the production of electrodes. The quality of the raw materials is an important one to produce a perfect welding electrode.

The next process includes the quality checking of the finished product with the help of raw materials produced. It is necessary to quality checking the finished products before sending into market. During this process welding electrodes quality and properties are checked by Manpower.


The process of manufacturing welding electrode consists of various machines which includes Extrusion Press, Wire Feeder, Dry Mixer etc. It is depend upon the type of welding electrodes produced and depend upon the Factory Unit. The price range of those machines varies according to the size and process of those machines. Approximately the machines used in the production of Welding electrodes price ranges from 10 lakhs.


Many Industries invloves in the production of welding electrodes across the countries. There are many small scale industries in our country which produces a minimal amount the electrodes. Those industries will have a minimal amount of Manpowers and Machinery. Top Industries around the Country which produces high octane of Welding Electrodes Machine Manufacturer includes :-

Logos Weld Products situated in Coimbatore,  Tamilnadu.

*Alfa Omega Enterprises located in Delhi.

*Sai Beach sand Pulverising Plant located in Berhampur.

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